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Add your KDP books to BookMuffin as a PDF in couple of minutes.

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Earn virtual muffins through the platform and offer them to readers. 

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List your KDP book to readers for reviews. Use muffins to get reviewed quickly. 

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BookMuffin puts your books in front of readers who commit to read and review your books. 

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Getting started couldn't get any easier. You can quickly add your books and start getting reviewed. Boosting your KDP books' searchability and ranking doesn't have to be a waiting game. Get reviews before you consider running any ad campaigns and wasting your money.


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Support fellow KDP authors and find readers for your books along the way. You provide a reader copy so they don't have to buy your books.


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BookMuffin helps you find an audience and reviewers for your KDP book, even if you just launched it. We email you when readers start reading your book and when they post their reviews. You can then fast track your income as a KDP author.

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There’s no cap or limit on the number of reviews you can receive. It’s up to you to decide how often and how many reviews you’d like to get.


For a monthly flat fee, your KDP book becomes available to the readers who simply read and review your books. 


There’s no waiting period. The readers typically read and review your books in 3-7 days. Amazon usually posts these reviews publically after 1-3 days. 


Your books are only seen by the reviewers on this platform. You need to provide a free copy for your reader to review. 


You can cancel your subscription at anytime and easily from inside your account settings, when you sign up.


To get you started, you get muffins when you sign up, so you can use it towards getting more reviews.


Unlimited Reviews for Your Books

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Plan includes
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  • No Charge or Fee Per Review
  • Cancel Anytime With One Click
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


DO NOT sign up for a 10 day free trial if you intend to use an LTD offer as you will need to cancel your account and will complicate the sign up process with your LTD code. You won’t get your desired address. Once you buy an LTD (Lifetime) discount offer you don’t need to pay any more. You get muffins allocated and that is enough to add several books and you need to review books to get more muffins. You then use them to offer to others in exchange for a review for your book or books.
Reviewing books is the fastest way to get more muffins and they do not expire. You offer muffins to other readers to review your books and you topup your muffins when you review other author’s books. When you click Get Reviewed on your book it deducts 1050 muffins from your total.
You offer muffins to other readers to review your books and the cycle goes around because they don’t expire. Only one person reviews a book at a time. It is checked out from the library and it generally takes someone a week to read your book and review it. We don’t check if the person really read the book but we trust they did and we ask people to do the right think here. Authors generally give kinder reviews than non-authors, at the moment there are only authors on this platform but there are no review swaps here.
You can offer Amazon Kindle Unlimited books for verified review on Amazon or a paid copy of your book. These are all options. You can offer a free copy of your book on any Draft2Digital platform, such as Apple, Kobo, Scribd etc under the Standard setting.
Read these instructions to add your book.
Adding a book to BookMuffin
After you add your book you need to click “Get Reviewed” and offer muffins and your book will appear in the Library for others to review. You won’t be able to see your own book because you can’t review your own book.
Yes, our reviews increase your visibility on the world’s largest bookstore, Amazon, or other bookstores like Apple and Kobo, after our readers post their reviews using your book listing link.
How should I write a review?
Writing the perfect book review
We accept unverified and verified Amazon reviews on our platform.
No, When you add your books to BookMuffin, they will be visible to interested reviewers only, and only when you decide to get reviews for your book. Your books will not be visible on Google or any other platform external to BookMuffin.
Only committed reviewers who agreed to review your book can access your manuscript.
All genres are accepted. We have plenty of categories listed, including fiction and non-fiction books and KDP.
If you have uploaded a book to be reviewed, that’s why you can’t edit it. You need to email and let us know what you need to change. You cannot edit a book when it’s listed in the Library, because other people are picking it up and reading.
Read these instructions to add your book.
Adding a book to BookMuffin
You cannot load any file with apostrophes or special characters in the file name. You need to rename your file and then you can load it. If you get an error when loading your book please take a screenshot that includes your cover and pdf file names and category. Please email this screenshot to
Free trial: You’ll get 10 days to use the BookMuffin platform for free. You can cancel at anytime by going to “Account Settings”, under “Billing Settings”, within first 10 days to avoid any payment. You get to retain the Amazon reviews your books receive during the trial period! Cancelling your subscription is as easy as going to the Billing Settings under Account Settings and click on Cancel. We offer a full refund of your subscription within 72 hours of your most recent payment, no questions asked. Just email to receive a refund. If you do a tree trial when cancel you won’t be able to use your email for the LTD offer and will need to load your books again. It’s not worth it. All reviews will remain on Amazon, or other online bookstores. Also, we will keep your earned muffins for later, should you decide to come back. You can apply for a refund to the platform where you purchased the LTD offer.

  • Unlimited Reviews for Each Book
  • No Charge or Fee Per Review
  • Cancel Anytime With One Click
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee