21 Ways to Promote Your Book

Promoting a new book can be an arduous task given the stiff competition.

However, here are 21 accessible and effective strategies to get the word out about your latest work:

  1. Begin with an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, dedicated to your author persona.
  2. Regularly update these platforms with recent achievements, reviews, or even personal anecdotes to keep your audience engaged.
  3. Be strategic with your posts by scheduling them during peak times and including captivating images.
  4. Engage with other authors and readers in various reader groups for constructive feedback and promotion.
  5. Develop a professional website showcasing your past and upcoming works along with positive reviews.
  6. Sending out regular newsletters through cost-effective platforms like Mailchimp or Substack can help maintain a connection with your readers.
  7. Solicit reviews from your readers on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, and Facebook.
  8. Before the book is launched, arrange to send pre-publication copies to book reviewers at your favorite publications or popular book bloggers.
  9. Study your competitors and learn from their promotional strategies within your genre.
  10. Develop a succinct and compelling elevator pitch that encapsulates what sets your book apart.
  11. Explore Pinterest, especially if your target demographic is women, to reach existing fans and attract new ones.
  12. Collaborate with book bloggers for reviews, interviews, or guest posts.
  13. Present yourself as an expert on LinkedIn, discussing your book occasionally.
  14. Consider podcasting, either starting your own related to your writing or the subject of your book, or guesting on another’s to share your insights.
  15. Engage directly with your audience through readings or appearances at potential places where your target audience might gather.
  16. Make your book launch more accessible by live-streaming it on platforms like Facebook Live.
  17. Foster relationships with local bookstores for potential launch events or book signings.
  18. With each new book launch, don’t forget to promote your previous works.
  19. Make use of YouTube to create engaging book trailers or readings.
  20. Strengthen your presence on ebook platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Store, and consider their promotional services.
  21. Offering free previews or special deals can lead to readers purchasing multiple books from you.


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