Get Your Books Reviewed with BookMuffin and Draft2Digital

Are you an author seeking more visibility for your book? Look no further than BookMuffin and Draft2Digital! These platforms serve as powerful tools for authors, enhancing their reach and bolstering their book’s reputation. This blog post will guide you on your journey to get your books reviewed using BookMuffin with books available on the Draft2Digital platform.

Draft2Digital is more than just a platform for authors – it’s a powerful gateway to a broad array of digital storefronts. By leveraging Draft2Digital, authors can distribute their works on popular platforms such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and even libraries via OverDrive and Bibliotheca, among others. This expansive reach is what makes Draft2Digital an invaluable tool for authors.

The process of getting your book reviewed using BookMuffin is fairly straightforward. BookMuffin acts as a conduit connecting authors with readers willing to provide genuine, honest reviews. To get started, simply sign up on BookMuffin, list your book, and you’ll be on your way to garnering a plethora of reviews.

Adding a link to each platform such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo is a simple process. Once your book is listed on Draft2Digital, you can navigate to your book’s details page and find a ‘Share’ button next to each platform where your book is available. Clicking this button will give you a unique URL that can be copied and pasted into your BookMuffin listing.

As for sharing a PDF version of your book with reviewers, BookMuffin allows you to upload the PDF file directly to the site. When listing your book, you’ll find a Standard review option to attach a file. Simply select your PDF, and it will be made available to reviewers when they choose to review your book. The process to add your book for review is here.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the reviews gathered through BookMuffin are unverified and free to post. This means any reader who receives your book can leave a review, regardless of whether they’ve purchased it. While this offers an opportunity to collect a wide range of feedback, it’s always recommended to encourage honest and constructive reviews to truly benefit from the process.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, reviews are critical to an author’s success. They provide social proof, helping potential readers decide whether or not to buy your book. They can also help improve your book’s ranking on various platforms, making your book more visible to potential readers.

In summary, Draft2Digital and BookMuffin are potent tools in an author’s arsenal. With Draft2Digital’s wide distribution and BookMuffin’s review acquisition, your book can gain the visibility it deserves.

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