Using Goodreads to boost books reviews

As an author, your presence on can have a remarkable impact on your book’s visibility and sales.

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a popular online platform where book lovers can explore, review, rate, and recommend books. It serves as a social network for readers and book recommendations, allowing users to see what books their friends are reading, track the books they’re reading, have read, and want to read. Users can also view and create book lists and explore genres. It’s a highly interactive platform that encourages discussions on books, authors, and genres through user reviews and ratings. Notably, Goodreads also helps authors and publishers to promote their books and engage with their readers, serving as a powerful platform in the literary world.

Do my reviews on Goodreads get displayed on Amazon?

Many authors aren’t aware that if your book is listed on Goodreads with the same title, author, and ISBN as on Amazon, you can see a consolidated view of your reviews from both platforms (thanks to Amazon’s ownership of Goodreads, an underpublicized fact).

Goodreads offers a platform for anyone to create an account and rate books, which means a rich resource of wide-ranging feedback and reviews. For instance, Once you have ratings for your books on Goodreads, the contribution to the overall perception of your work can be significant. It is social proof in action. You can also thank readers for their reviews and comment. 

To make the most of this, I recommend linking your books on BookMuffin to your Goodreads account and using a “standard unverified review” along with the PDF version. The visibility this brings is invaluable, as Goodreads displays these reviews and directs potential buyers to various online platforms where your book is available, including Draft2Digital and Ingram Spark. Essentially, Goodreads can significantly amplify your book’s online footprint, potentially driving an increase in orders.

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How can I edit my listing on Goodreads?

If you need to update your books — be it adding images or changing the ISBN, Goodreads has a dedicated group for authors: where you can post your requests.

Goodreads librarians group example

What other platforms does BookMuffin accept for reviews?

Moreover, BookMuffin gives you the flexibility to bypass the Amazon link for the review. You can opt for a standard review, attach a PDF of your book, and add your Goodreads link or any Draft2Digital platform link.

In summary, asking for reviews on Goodreads can significantly enhance your book’s visibility and reader engagement, ultimately leading to increased book sales.

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